Finished up my new afghan last night, and it’s awesome. Nice and warm, very pretty, and I think it’s big enough for my bed. Of course, I haven’t put it on the bed yet, cuz it’s summer, and what do I need another afghan for in the summertime?!

Next up on the agenda? I’m working on a crocheted dress and shrug, which should be very cute, but I think the dress isn’t going to be something I can wear outside. It might make a nice cover-up for my swimsuit, though… 🙂

I’m also going to be working on making crocheted Aqua Teen Hunger Force dolls, because some girls on the LJ crochet community made some, and they were even shown on Adult Swim. I’ve got a slightly better idea than the way they did Frylock, though, and he’s probably the first on the agenda, as I already have the yarn for him. Master Shake and Meatwad require buying more yarn, the former because I don’t ever have white yarn, and the latter because Meadwad is a strange little monkey… meat… thing…



In other news, I have discovered a new level of WRONG. Shakira doing “Back in Black.” Wow. Starts out all lounge singer-y, and then it gets into the way the music should be, but still, it’s very different.


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