I think I mentioned that I’m off work all this week, but if not, that’s why I’m not posting this week. šŸ™‚ I’ve spent yesterday and today rearranging my apartment, and will spend the next three days in St. Louis. w00t for vacation! šŸ™‚

So now, we will cover all of the usual posts in one fell swoop! šŸ™‚



Finally saw “Team America: World Police.” Was somewhat amused by the music. Was greatly disturbed by the majority of it. Laughed, nonetheless.

Got to watch “Princess Mononoke” for the first time in about three years. Still a good movie.

Six or seven movies coming out in the next two months that I want to see: the new Jet Li one (the name of which constantly eludes me), Batman Begins, Fantastic Four, Willy Wonka, The Island, Land of the Dead, and maybe War of the Worlds.



Played OWBN on Friday. Much death ensued. Was fun.

Played Sabbat on Saturday. Much stupidity ensued. Was somewhat fun, nonetheless.

Played Paducah OWBN on Sunday. Much talk of stupidity in another game ensued. Was fun. Am now part of the Maidens of Death. And there is no purge. Those are mostly jokes, except that they’re sorta true, too. šŸ™‚



J got the new System of a Down CD, and I like it. He also got Queens of the Stone Age, and I liked what I heard of that. Thor loaned me new Bella Morte, and that makes me super happy. šŸ™‚



Taking a break, mostly, due to vacation and the fact that pretty much all of my craft stuff is now crammed in one closet, and is not easily accessible. This is okay, it gives me more time to do other things. And I can still get to my crochet. šŸ™‚


And no End of the Work Week Wisdom, cuz I’m not working! šŸ™‚


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