Well, yet another Monday. And yet more movies to talk about.

“Battle Royale” – I watched this with the sound mostly turned off, because it had subtitles, and because J was asleep while I watched it. Then, at the end, I turned the sound back on, and realized I had been missing nifty music. Ah well. The movie itself was alright, though not nearly as gory as I anticipated. In fact, some of the gore just made me laugh, cuz it reminded me of “Kill Bill”… 🙂

“Batman Begins” – ohmyfrickingod… I LOVED it! While I wish it had been Tim Burton and Danny Elfman, it was still awesome. It was more on the gritty side as opposed to the surreal (Tim Burton) side, but that fit with the story really well. And Christian Bale. I will refrain from drooling, but ohmygod… he’s wonderful as Batman and as Bruce Wayne! 🙂

And I think that’s all I saw this weekend. Then again, this weekend involved a lot of game and a lot of sleeping. So yeah… not much time for movies… 🙂


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