I’m sure there was something better stated last night, but this is the one I remember… so End of the Work Week Wisdom, brought to you today by Pimp: the Backhanding… 🙂

“Put the dead hos on the napkins. The dead hookers go in the closet, but the dead hos go on the napkins.”

Of course, the “dead hooker closet” is a long-standing tradition in my apartment, though I don’t really think you could fit a dead hooker in it. 🙂

I suppose there is something kinda bizarre about the fact that my favorite game at present involves me being a pimp, and macking on hos, but Eimi is hot, no matter how you look at it. Now we just have to wait for an expansion pack, because we need more cards… 🙂 We actually ran out of the Draw deck in the last game we played last night…


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