Not much new music to report on at the moment. I should be getting 7 Black Tape for a Blue Girl CDs, along with a couple of other CDs, in the mail any day now. 9 CDs for $20. Nice. 🙂

Still going crazy with Limewire, when I have a spare minute or two to see what I can find. Right now (well, not this minute right now, because I’m at work, but the next time I’m on Limewire), I think I’m gonna try to get everything I can find by Zeromancer, Placebo, and Lacuna Coil, because they’re all kewl. 🙂

I have 14+ days worth of music in iTunes. This rocks. 🙂


In other news, life is good, and I’m a happy girl. Hurrah! 🙂


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