Wow… craftiness abounds. Got Jesi’s purse over halfway done, but it’s still got a lot that I need to do to finish it. Found out that another of my friends will be having a baby, so that’s another baby afghan. However, I do already have one of those done, so she may well get that one. Or I may make up a new one… we’ll have to see.

I also have a couple of sekrit projects that I’m theoretically working on, but I’ve had little time to crochet lately. Actually, that’s a lie. I crocheted Friday night, Saturday morning, Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Monday morning, mostly at game and because I couldn’t sleep late at all this weekend. But that was all on Jesi’s purse, and is why I’m already getting close to done with it. šŸ™‚

Need to look into some craft fairs, to see about selling off some of the crap I still have in boxes in the closet. I’m thinking I probably don’t need to make any more hats before I get started on them, but I dunno… and I do have a ton of yarn that I could use up by making new hats… šŸ™‚

Never mind making stuff for myself, of course… I almost never do anyway… šŸ™‚


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