Thin gaming weekend, but good nonetheless. Only had the Garou game to run, during which J totally schooled me on chops. Seriously. I couldn’t win chops against him to save my life, AND I had the bomb on most of them. 😦

But the game was fun, despite my crappy chop throwing. Apparently a few hiccups here and there, but we’re working on stuff. Sucks going into a chronicle not knowing just how unprepared you were… but then again, I’m used to being head ST, and having to do all of that work myself…

Anyways, the weekends go back and forth, with the crazy game weekends being 1st and 3rd, and the tame game weekends being 2nd and 4th. So this weekend, yet again, will be a crazy game weekend… which doesn’t even begin to explain the sheer insanity that the entire weekend will encompass. Cuz I have to drive to St. Louis and back on Saturday. Joy.

Glad we’re finally getting rain, but it can end whenever it likes. I think we’ve gotten quite enough already, thankyouverymuch. That, and I want it to be over by Thursday, because there are outdoor activities planned for Thursday and Friday…


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