Hmmm… let’s see… new music I’ve picked up lately…

Tiger Army – and lots of it. Psychobilly stuff, which is loads of fun. For the uninitiated, psychobilly is a mix between rockabilly and horror punk. So it’s generally rockabilly sounding stuff, but with horror lyrics… w00t… 🙂

Deadstar Assembly – I need to listen to the stuff I downloaded by them still, but they do a cover of Send Me an Angel, which I think is currently my favorite song to hear covered… I have Zeromancer, Paul Oakenfold, Deadstar Assembly, and maybe one other… though I don’t think I have the original, still… 🙂

Jesi tells me that I will ultimately run out of things to download, but I doubt it. I always remember more stuff that I want. I’ve listened to a lot of music in my time, and even though a lot of it is just songs here and there that I barely remember, they come back to me in random flashes of insight, and I write them down to try to find later… 🙂


In other news, if you haven’t seen “Party Monster,” you probably should. I’m not saying everyone in the world should watch it, but if you are in any way similar to me, you’d probably like it. 🙂

Best part of the movie for me? Hearing a character introduced as “Keoki,” and going “nah, that can’t be D.J. Keoki”… and then within five minutes, they’re calling him “Superstar D.J. Keoki”… so it is who I thought it was… and now I’ve discovered a bit about his origins, and it’s totally weird… 🙂


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