Jesi’s bag is done, and it turned out quite nice. Needs a minor modification, as the strap has apparently already stretched down to her ankles, but I told her to pick me up some 2 inch wide ribbon, and I’ll reinforce the strap. Minor modification, really… 🙂

Because I can’t keep a sekrit to save my life, sometimes, I showed J the suprise I was making for him… the long-awaited penguin 40 oz. cozie, which seems that it will fit just fine. He got to see it mainly because he had a Mickey’s at my apartment on Sunday night, so I wanted to see how well I had set up the fit… not too bad, and we think it’ll work better on a 40 that isn’t partly gone and in a sweaty bottle… 🙂

So yeah, there’s that to finish (about 3 more inches, so it’s time to do the face… 🙂 ), and maybe those ATHF dolls, and who knows what else… haven’t been doing much crochet lately, this week at least… but that’s okay. 🙂


In other news, since I’m off work tomorrow, it’s time for the End of the Work Week Wisdom.

“At least I got chicken.”
Leeroy Jenkins

Don’t feel bad if you don’t get it… it’s an acquired taste… or something… 🙂


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