Not much new music lately. The biggest news on the music front is that I decided that I’m not going to go see NIN in October, in St. Louis. I priced tickets, and for J and I just to go to the concert, with really crappy seats, would have cost $90. That’s not counting gas money to get there and back, dinner while we’re up there, and a T-shirt. So instead, I’m saving that money, and we’ll use it for something different… possibly to rebuy the DVDs of “And All That Ever Was” and “Closure,” when the latter comes out on DVD. That’s plenty of live performances, which I can watch over and over again, and from the comfort of my living room…

It’s absolutely ricockulous how much concert tickets cost these days, if you’re going to any large venue. The Pageant is kewl. Going to see Interpol there was under $50, for the both of us. Still a decent chunk of change, but not unreasonable, especially for how much we wanted to see them, and how good the show was. But anymore, you have to REALLY want to see a band for it to be worthwhile to drop the money to actually get to see them.

I suppose that is the advantage of liking obscure bands… if they ever come anywhere near here, I can see them for relatively cheap. Of course, the problem being that they rarely play anywhere near here… Chicago is about the closest, and that’s a LONG drive just for a show…

So in the meantime, I’ll just rock out to the fact that my LaunchCast stations are all trained to play songs off of the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack, and that’s a happy thing… 🙂


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