Not much music to report on. I’m now to the point in my downloading career where if I hear a song, I’ll go out and look for it, usually with some success. I’m still making lists of stuff that I hear at work that I need to get on my computer, and I’ve started going through certain bands’ entire catalogs, and trying to get complete albums. I had good luck on this with Placebo; Circle of Dust / Celldweller is my next target… 🙂

I’ve also discovered more and more songs that I just really shouldn’t like, but do anyways… mostly, it’s songs with some odd association to me, like it used to get played at the parties at Ben’s trailer, back in the day, or something along those lines. Mostly, it’s dance-type songs, the type of stuff that would be popular in clubs. I really SHOULDN’T like this crap. Really, I shouldn’t. But for some reason, I do. I can’t explain it.

Any rate, I’m rapidly approaching 5,300 songs in iTunes, which makes for some very interesting listening. Generally speaking, when people come over, and we’re playing Pimp, I’ll put it on the 80s or classic rock playlist. Cuz those are generally acceptable to all involved. For the OWBN court meeting tonight, I think I’ll go with the goth playlist… even though I’d love a repeat performance of the night when everyone went “huh?!”

We’re all sitting around having our meeting, and listening to music in the background. Marilyn Manson is on, I think it was “The New Shit.” Song ends, and on comes Elvis Presley, “Suspicious Minds.” Everyone in the room kinda pauses for a moment, and then looks at me, like I’m insane. My response: “What?! So my musical tastes are a bit eclectic!” Of course, this was vaguely IC, too, so now some people think Mel is a big time weirdo. But that’s accurate, so it’s okay. 🙂


In other news, I’m tired. Staying up way past your bedtime will do that to you every time. Early bedtime tonight, hopefully. No Denny’s after the court meeting, that’s for damn sure… 🙂


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