Let’s see here… I think there were only a couple of movies this week…

“Rules of Attraction” – Yeah, this was a weird one. Clint had mentioned it, and it sounded vaguely interesting. Then Jesi came back and tells me she bought it… so I told her to bring it over! šŸ™‚ But yeah. Very weird, slightly surreal, and not much in the way of plot. Interesting, in points, while other points made me kind of go “I KNEW that person” (from back in the dorms, so many years ago)… so that was weird and a bit bittersweet… I dunno…

“Serenity” – Yes, I finally bought it, and watched it twice. Mainly that was because when we watched it on Saturday, there were at least 20 other things going on, so I had to see it by myself as well. šŸ™‚ But ohmygod is it good! I want there to be more, but I know there probably won’t be… so I have to live with the one season and one movie… *pout*…

Planning on seeing “Underworld: Evolution” this week, probably tomorrow. I suspect it will be mediocre. But we’ll see… šŸ™‚


In other news, I’m done with jury duty, and back to work as normal. Now we enter the part of the year where I work pretty much every day, with no days off. At least not till Valentine’s Day. Which is like 3 weeks from tomorrow… gah!


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