Well, Cindy and I decided that we could handle marbleizing paper, and so we set out to do so last night. It was not as easy as either of us remembered, and resulted in a whole lot of slimy, runny, paper. Yes, it was about as disgusting as that sounds.

So instead, we decided that we could stamp and paint and glue pieces of construction paper together to make Valentine’s Day cards. We probably made about 30 of them last night, and I’ve got a ton more stuff to make a ton more. So I’ll be working on that, interspersed with making roses.

I probably have enough roses, but I’ve got so much yarn, and so many different colors, that I’m trying to make some more. I’m also gonna take them to game tomorrow night and see if I can’t sell some of them there… with my ever lovely subliminal spokesmodels, I should do okay… 🙂

Haven’t really done much with the altered dress that I wanted to alter some more, but I think it’ll work as is. Or I might get a chance to do something more to it tonight. Or not… because I already have plenty of stuff to do tonight. I think maybe the haircut will wait till Saturday… yeah, that will make life easier…


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