No real additional crafting news, other than the facts that a) I have found the yarns I need to buy to make the best version of Jayne’s hat yet; b) I made Bryce a hat with flames on it, and it almost looked like flames; and c) I have my next project lined up: a purple Sherlock Holmes hat for Clint.

And Jesi is gonna pay me to make her a comforter for when she moves in with me. We have to go fabric shopping at some point. And then it’ll be some work… though maybe I could machine quilt, if I get a good enough machine… hmmm… this is something to ponder…

At any rate, it’s nice to be to the point in the year where I can pretty much just make whatever, and no big rush. Of course, this makes me come up with all sorts of ideas. And I also have not a lot of time to do all of these ideas. But that’s the way it usually works… get really busy, and you have far more things that you want to be doing than you have time for.

In other news, I think my LaunchCast just locked up. But that wasn’t the original other news…

So in other other news, I think I have a plan for tonight. I think this plan is a good one. We’ll see how much of the plan gets done. Muhahahah…


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