Well, only the OWBN game this past weekend, but it was a doozy. Mel spent most of the night trying to deflect Vermin’s affections. Then she had the brilliant plan of asking G-Lo to see if he could find Christian as a wraith… and then all hell broke loose in her unlife… because apparently G-Lo thinks he found him… and Christian’s wraith might now be coming to find Mel… joy…

Well, I guess it’s something to do. Since stepping down as Prince, Mel’s unlife has been entirely too tame… 😉

Working on the first set of in-weeks for the Cammie game since becoming an ST, and they’re going relatively smoothly. There’s a considerable amount that I need Jim’s help with, though, so here’s hoping he’s free either tomorrow or Thursday night… planning to find that out tonight, though, and get some info from him if he doesn’t have a free night this week. So we should be mostly good.

Still don’t know what happened to my post from Friday… that’s driving me nuts…


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