Between my ongoing interest, a conversation with Cindy on Friday night, and going to the Highland thingie on Saturday, I’m back into working on genealogy full swing. It helps, too, that I got exceptionally lucky with finding stuff yesterday. Certainly helps that the Mo. Sec. of State has an index of death certificates from 1910-1955 online, and scans of the death certificates from 1910-1923 or so. w00t for that! 🙂

Now, to see if I maintain the interest, and actually update my genealogy webpage… 🙂 And maybe work on my great-grandpa’s “History of the Vogel Family”… which, unfortunately, I keep disproving the information in… *sigh*… this is why I’m documenting the hell out of all of the stuff I find, getting as many sources as I can, and all of that. Yes, it pays to be a history major and a genealogist. 🙂

Couple of bands to mention: Demon Hunter (thank you, Jerome!) and the Arctic Monkeys. Nothing alike, but both pretty good. The former is a lot like Avenged Sevenfold, but not quite. They might be a Christian metal band. Not sure on that yet. The latter has a lot of similarities to the White Stripes, but in a way that doesn’t completely grate on my nerves. 🙂 And I think I may be beginning to like MSI. Wha?!

And because we’re just covering everything in this post, my TMBG quilt is finally coming along nicely. Like, to the point where it looks like I could finish it within this lifetime. Maybe even within the year. 🙂 When I was at Goodwill on Sunday, I almost bought a large tie-dyed T-shirt for use in a future T-shirt quilt. I resisted the urge. 🙂 Instead, I bought a pair of jeans, a cute shirt, and a very kewl dress. Megan asked me if it was a sassy dress. I think it might be. 🙂


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