It’s beginning to look like I only post about once a week. Ah well, I guess that’s okay, since my day to day life is rarely exciting enough that it requires daily posts to keep you all updated.

So, stuff since the last time I posted…

1) Jerome, Jesi, and I are going to DragonCon in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend. So far, this is looking to be an exceptionally good and interesting time. I haven’t been to a REAL con in ages, and the last one of those I was at, I was running a temperature of over 100 degrees, and was basically delirious the whole time. Getting sick the day before you’re supposed to leave for a con sucks. 😦

Any rate, yeah. We will be seeing The Cruxshadows, Voltaire, and The Last Dance play, along with the possibility of also seeing Abney Park and/or Ego Likeness play. Just the top three make me happy. The possibility of the other two as well make me super happy! 🙂 Aside from the bands, there are a whole crapton of panels to go to, and there will also be drum circles, which equals belly dancing. w00t! 🙂 Gaming? Nah… we prolly won’t do much of that… just because it’s a gaming convention, that doesn’t mean a damn thing… 😉

2) Moxie is doing well after being spayed last week. She’s still sorta walking slower than usual, and not jumping around as much, and we have to keep telling Vlad that he can’t play with Momma how they usually play, but other than that, she’s good. 🙂 I suspect that when the time comes for Vlad to get neutered, he’ll have a much easier time of it… 🙂

3) Been doing a lot of cleaning and getting rid of crap I don’t need recently. And if anyone who reads this is interested in a pair of womens’ size 5 black Doc Martens, E-mail me. 🙂 I’ve got someone they MIGHT fit, but I think her feet are actually smaller than that…

4) Gaming all around is going pretty well. I’m in 4 LARPs now, and trying to get a TT game started. Still playing Daisy Green (Malkavian Prince) in Ashes and Dr. Luisa Dunsirn (Ventrue Seneschal… soon to be Prince) in Riddles. I started playing Mehnit (Serpent of the Light Priestess) in Echoes in the Night, which is a new Sabbat game in C-dale, and I will soon start playing Anastasia (Ravnos antitribu) in a new Sabbat game in Marion… or at least that’s the plan. There’s also a “waiting in the wings” LARP, in which I’ll be playing Lola, a Daughter of Cacophany. w00t! 🙂

As for the TT game, well, it’s supposed to be a Firefly / Serenity game. Unfortunately, only Jerome has finished making his character so far… and I technically only have 2 players… and I don’t have a night to run that, either… *sigh*… I also wanna run Werewolf, and I started a one-shot Sabbat TT game that never got finished with Jerome, Bobert, and Morgan.


And that’s about it in my life… well, at least the bits that I’m sharing with the world… 🙂


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