Hmm… well, that worked out nicely. Jerome applied for a job on Monday, got a call on Tuesday, had his interview yesterday, and starts today (well, orientation today). I guess my plan of “find Jerome a job” week was a good one. 🙂 Of course, this means he’ll be going to work while I’m still at work, and won’t get home till my bedtime, but he should still have a couple of nights a week off, and I may start going home at lunch so that he can have the car to get to work (I can catch a bus home from here very easily), so I should still get to see my boyfriend. 🙂

Not a whole lot else going on in my world right now. We finally got our bedroom arranged nicely, and we rearranged the front closet last night so that I can get to slightly more than half of my craft supplies without too much difficulty. My fabric is pretty well inaccessible, but I don’t really sew with that very often anyhow. I have no clue where the dice bags I made to sell have run off to, but ah well. I’ve got plenty of yarn to play with. 🙂

Listening to a band called The Futureheads at the moment, which I found through reading a discarded People magazine at the laundromat. I like them. British new wave, except they’re fairly new… 🙂

And all the preparation for DragonCon is more or less done. I still need glow sticks. I think that’s it. 🙂


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