Two new articles from Cindy:

Is Mystery Shopping the Job for You?

Do You Have What It Takes to Make Your Marriage Stand the Test of Time?

The latter of these two is written somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but she’s absolutely right. She actually mentioned this to me while we were talking one day, and that night, I told Jerome that he could have his fleece blanket, and I would take the normal sheet (which has since been supplemented by an afghan on my side). Neither of us wake up to no blankets anymore, unless we kicked them off of ourselves in a moment of silliness. It’s very nice. 🙂

And I also have two articles:

Getting Ready to Play in a LARP: Demystifying Live Action Role Playing

I’m really trying to write as many articles as I can come up with for LARP related stuff, as I would like very much to be known for my knowledge about LARP… this one was pretty easy to write… 🙂

Why I Like Avenged Sevenfold: Sounds Like ’80s Hair Metal

I was planning on writing this article anyway, and then they put out a special offer where you get paid a flat rate if your article references someone else’s article. Hurrah for getting paid to disagree with people about music!!! 🙂


In other news, it’s cold out, and our heat is not working properly… I called the landlord yesterday, though, so hopefully he will have someone look at it today.


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