Been out of action for a little bit… I had a craft fair on the 13th and 14th, went back to work for a day, and then was sick for almost a week. I always brag about how I never get sick, and then I get the flu. No fun at all!

At any rate, first things first. A couple of new articles from Cindy:

A Short History of the Mascot for Southern Illinois University: March Madness Means Annual Question “What is a Saluki?”

How to Find the Perfect Pet

Oddly enough, I believe that before I came to southern Illinois, I asked the question in her first article… though I think I added some expletives… 😉

In other news, the craft fair mentioned above went VERY well. I sold a lot of my crocheted roses, and have all kinds of people offering suggestions as to what else I can do with them. I’m pleased to announce that the first of my crocheted rose pins will be winging their way to Sarah (my sister) tomorrow. I’m also working on more to sell at ScaryWhiteGirl Designs. Definitely a nice way to dress up plain coats or purses, any time of year! 🙂

In other Etsy news, I’ve recently joined up with EtsyFAST. FAST stands for “Fiber Arts Street Team,” which means that a bunch of us people who do fiber arts (read: crochet, in my case) work together to help promote each others’ work and basically have other crafters who do similar work to ask questions and such. Very kewl idea. 🙂

Okay, and my final Etsy news for today… I’m having a hat sale until the end of February… buy one, get one (of equal or lesser value) half off. I know it’s been warm in the midwest this past week, but you KNOW that winter will be back before spring begins… so get your warm hats here! 🙂


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