So Jerome was watching TV last night, and while flipping through the channels, he happened upon the video for “Red Skies” by The Fixx. I convinced him to stop on whatever channel that was, because I like that song.

As it turns out, it was VH1 Classic, and they have apparently revived 120 Minutes, which used to be one of my favorite shows on MTV. No matter what other crap MTV was playing, 120 Minutes was always worth watching.

The VH1 Classic version appears to be similarly worth watching. I only watched it for about an hour, but I saw a Morrissey video (possibly the first and only Morrissey video I have ever seen, oddly enough), along with an old Specials video, the B-52s, and Sinead O’Connor. After I went to bed, Jerome came in to our room to tell me that Pulp was on, but I was well on my way to being asleep, and didn’t want to get back up. (That is the bad side of this; I think 120 Minutes must come on at 9 p.m. our time. But I also think that may be better than when it was on when I was younger…)

Now, if someone would just bring back Alternative Nation and GOOD Headbanger’s Ball, I will be in heaven. 🙂 As long as both of these shows come on appropriately early enough for me to be able to watch them on weeknights. 🙂


In other news, the Abney Park show was fabulously wonderful, and I got to hear two of the new songs! Hurrah! 🙂 Also, if you’ve been looking at the new patches online, and can’t decide if you want one (or twelve) or not… having seen them in person, I say buy twelve. At least. They are really sharp looking. 🙂


And, in other other news, never flip a coin to decide which album you will be buying. Not that I don’t like Bad Religion, I’m just really coveting the new Interpol album right now. 😦 Not to mention the used Demented Are Go CD that I found while Jerome was buying said Bad Religion CD. 😦


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