Is it not shiny?


So this is the first steampunk ACEO. I’ve got two more in the works, but the glue wouldn’t dry fast enough to satisfy my attention span last night. 🙂 (Though the good news is that I wrote three articles and got some other stuff done, meaning that I am ALMOST on top of my writing list… for now… 🙂 )

I’ve discovered that making collages is a lot of fun for me, and also that I like making my collages a little bit more unusual than some might like. In this case, most of the material I used was just magazine clippings of watches and such. But I also have a bag of tiny watch bits, so I also added a watch face and some sort of watch or clock cog / gear / whatever… I am so bad about knowing the right names for those watch bits. 🙂

And yeah, I’m showing this off here and there, because I’m really pleased with it. I know I’ve made some ACEOs that just kinda look like I dropped a bunch of sticky paper onto a surface and let it stick wherever it fell. There is an appeal to that, I suppose, but this one feels more like I actually planned it this way. Mostly, I did. 🙂 Collage making is often quite a bit of happy accidents, because it seems that you don’t always see what needs to go where, or what section needs a little more “oomph” until it’s almost done. I’m always picking and prodding at my mostly done collages to make them just right. 🙂

So yeah, more steampunk ACEOs later; they’ll be in the Etsy shop when I’m done picking and prodding. 🙂


In other news, the moon has been rising within the line of sight of our balcony door this week, which makes for some pretty nice views. I tried to get a picture of it last night, and failed. Any tips for taking pictures of the moon other than “get a tripod”? I swear I wasn’t moving, but most of the pictures came out blurry. 😦


4 thoughts on “Is it not shiny?

  1. Don’t apologize for ‘showing off’! This is a very cool collage; I love the watch imagery.And thanks for forwarding the article to me. It looks amazing. You are a talented writer!

  2. The watch imagery is fabulous – I want to reach out and touch it! I have yet to make any ACEOs but you just inspired me to try – that looks like so much fun!Regarding the moon – do you have a railing on your balcony? You could make a tripod of your elbows by leaning on the railing if the moon was still low enough in the sky?

  3. I did try almost exactly that. We have planter boxes that are on the top of the railing, which put me at the right level to brace my arms. I think I am just far too wiggly. 🙂

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