Hurrah for Friday!


Glad it’s finally here! This week has dragged quite a bit, which may be tied to the fact that I didn’t have a whole lot to do at home, though I was mostly busy at work. Well, most days. 🙂 But I’m looking forward to the weekend, because it will give me a chance to finish up a whole ton of projects that I started this past week. I’m really hoping to finish one of those today or tomorrow, because I can’t wait to show it off. 🙂

We have a rather random End of the Work Week Wisdom today:

“Cuz you know, when in Rome. It’s Germany. I’m driving a Porsche.”
Jerome’s brain working faster than his mouth

The above statement did vaguely make sense in the context of the conversation we were having, but somehow there are chunks of logic missing between the sentences. I think these chunks stayed in Jerome’s brain, while only a few words came out of his mouth. It could be, however, that I just understand what he’s trying to say, even when he doesn’t say it.

(For the record, he meant that if we were in Germany, and he could drive on the Autobahn, he wanted to drive a Porsche, cuz that’s just what you do. 🙂 )

And, finally, I am very glad that Jimmy John’s exists in Seattle. We may not be able to get New Kahala, Don Taco, or El Greco until Christmas, but if we’re willing to walk about 5-6 blocks from my office, we can have tasty sammiches. 🙂


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