Recap and such


So it’s only the short version of the recap, but here goes:

1) I saw pretty much everyone I wanted to see, and didn’t run into anyone who I didn’t want to run into. This made me very happy, especially when I ran into a couple of people I hadn’t been expecting to see. I’m sad that I couldn’t give Randy a hug (my tattoo had JUST gotten finished, and Randy gives big hugs that would have hurt me), but that’s okay. 🙂

2) Tattoo. Yup, number 6. 🙂 What was going to be the rest of my chest piece ended up on my upper back instead, as it didn’t look right on my chest. So there’s been a slight reworking of future plans, but I think they will all work out the way I want them to. I don’t have a photo of it yet. It’s in the yucky peeling stage right now, so I won’t have a photo of it for a few weeks. And it’s going to be worked on more whenever I see Candace next, as she definitely wanted to do some more with it, and I’ve already got a couple of thoughts about adding to it. 🙂

3) Present haul was pretty decent, though not quite as many gift cards as anticipated. Luckily, however, we were able to get all of our new stuff into my suitcase, and borrowed a bag from my uncle to use as another piece of checked luggage. Everything made it back intact, too! 🙂 We knew we were going to have to check luggage when my gifts included a letter opener from Australia, pepper spray, and a big jar of homemade (and unlabeled) salt scrub. 🙂 Oh, and everyone loved their handmade stuff, except for my brother, who hasn’t gotten his T-Rex yet. 😦 (His gift was the only one that didn’t arrive in time.)

4) Got a bunch of good family photos, on other people’s cameras. Even though I took my camera, I never got it out. 🙂 This is typical of me, and why I have so few photos from New Orleans (among other places). But my sister has already posted hers online, so I am gonna go pick through them for the ones I want, and put them on my Flickr. 🙂 Here’s one of them:

That’s my mom and her brothers, my aunt, my siblings and their spouses (and, of course, Jerome), my cousin and her husband, my niece and nephew, and my cousin’s two sons. Megan’s boyfriend is the only person missing from the photo. 🙂

I find it amusing that my sisters and I all went with V-neck shirts that day. It was not planned. 🙂 (We’re the short ones in the all girl row, in case you were wondering. My brother is the shortest of the guys in the back row.)


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