No, I don’t normally post this late at night, but I guess I’ve been busy today. Work was relatively insane, though my timesheet didn’t really reflect the insanity. The morning was a whole lot of hurry up and wait, and the afternoon was just one thing after another… with Word randomly closing my unsaved file in the middle. Joy.

So yeah, my to-do list for tomorrow is ridiculous, and I don’t even know how I’m gonna get it done. Sadly, it looks like mainly real life and business related stuff is going to get in the way of that whole creating and such that I’d like to be doing. This is particularly frustrating because I’m probably not going to get any sewing machine time until Monday or Tuesday, which means that I won’t have much new stuff to list until NEXT week. Blargh. (Or, more accurately, I’ll have new stuff to list, just no pictures to list it with.) 😦

In other news, we got a silkscreening kit last night. This is both exciting and baffling, because we totally do not have room to use it here. But we’re gonna try anyhow. Well, eventually. 🙂


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