I might be becoming obsessed…


So I’ve always been a fan of Alice in Wonderland, all the way back to the cartoon version when I was a kid. I’m also very sure that I’ve read the book at least once. And, of course, there was that one time when I was Alice, at least the version from America McGee’s video game. (Actually, I’ve worn the costume twice now. 🙂 )

Yesterday, Jerome told me that he had found a version of Alice in Wonderland with Martin Short playing the Mad Hatter, and it was on our On Demand cable thingie. So I could watch it if I wanted to. I asked him who else was in it, and he listed off a pretty impressive cast list. I asked him who was playing Alice. He didn’t know.

At any rate, after getting home from work and going out in the rainsnowyuck (that’s a technical term), I decided I might as well watch it while I worked on some other stuff. Well, as it turns out, this made-for-TV version is amazing, and so I watched it pretty intently (though I do still need to go back and watch the end… meaning I’ll probably just re-watch it tonight…). And, as it turns out, Alice is played by Tina Majorino… a.k.a. Deb from Napoleon Dynamite. 🙂

And, of course, the reason I didn’t watch the end yet is because Jerome had an alarm set on the TV to tell him that the Sarah Connor Chronicles was going to be on in two minutes. Summer Glau (a.k.a. River from Firefly/Serenity) is in that. We immediately changed channels. 🙂 (The show is atrocious. Summer is hot. 🙂 )

(As an aside, I should point out that I’m not sure what to think about the fact that they’re making a movie version of America McGee’s Alice, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. I’m a little bothered by it, though, because I don’t like her. Though that dislike is for no apparent reason. Other than she’s not Kristy Swanson.)


2 thoughts on “I might be becoming obsessed…

  1. I thought there was one with Little Richard as the Cheshire Cat, but I can’t find it in his IMDB credits. This one had Whoopi Goldberg as the Cheshire Cat. 🙂

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