Gamer geek post ahead!


(So for the non-gamer geeks, while you are welcome to read today’s post, you may not understand much of it. 🙂 Don’t worry, I try to keep these posts to a minimum!)

So the Scion game came to a glorious end on Saturday night, as planned. Next on the agenda is my Exalted game, and I’m getting more and more excited for it! 🙂

I played Exalted 5 years ago, not too long after it came out. We only played for a month or two, and then the game ended due to real life stuff happening. I got rid of my books, and didn’t look back. But it was sort of always sitting in the back of my brain, especially once we started in the Scion game. The ST and the other players were all Exalted fans, and Scion incoporated some of the parts of Exalted that I really liked into the system.

So when the Scion ST announced that the game would be concluding in January, and asked what we wanted to do next, I volunteered to run Exalted, to much excitement from the rest of the game. So we started collecting up books from eBay and used game stores (all of them are LONG out of print), and I started putting together ideas.

Last night, I figured out the bulk of my plot while driving to pick up Jerome from work. I sat down and scribbled out a few pages of notes as soon as I got there. Finally, it looks like my game is getting somewhere!

I still need to squeeze in several days worth of reading of course, to get caught up on all of the stuff that’s relevant to me as an ST, that I could ignore as a player. I don’t know where I’m going to find several days to read, of course, so I may just have to wing it a bit… 🙂 That, and ask a lot of questions of the folks who know the game better than me. 🙂


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