So it’s been a slow day at work, though it will pick up this afternoon, at least a bit. And then I should have things to work on for a few more days. 🙂

But in my extreme boredom, I’ve been going through my old blog posts and adding tags. Back in the old days, when I started blogging (2002), we didn’t have these fancy tags. So a lot of my old posts are without them. How many, you ask? Well, my blog has over 1,000 posts on it. I posted a lot in the early days…

While working through this, however, I was reminded of something Marlo asked me on Sunday: “What is it with you and fish?” She asked this because I made a linocut fish and then a crocheted fish in rapid succession. Now, granted, the crocheted fish was for a specific project. But the linocut was more of my choice.

So here’s the deal with me and fish:

1) My birthday falls just a couple of days after the cusp between Pisces and Aries. I’m technically an Aries, but most people who know me would not guess that. I think I act quite a bit more like a Pisces. I always blamed this on being born so close to the cusp, but as I later found out, my complete astrological chart is FULL of stuff in Pisces. And for this reason or possibly a non-astrological one, I’ve just always had this weird connection with water and fish.

2) This is unusual because I don’t like to eat fish, nor have I ever had a pet fish. Or, perhaps, it’s because of my weird connection with fish that I don’t like eating them and wouldn’t keep one as a pet. 🙂

3) Fish is a part of a nonsensical back and forth that several of my friends and I used to do. It is:


Like I said, totally nonsensical. This was usually the sort of thing that we’d do when everyone was at a loss for words. This is actually pretty common among my friends in Carbondale. Other similar ways of saying everything while saying nothing were to say “Blue?” (usually when you couldn’t/wouldn’t answer a question) and “Monkey!” (which goes back further than C-dale, and is from a Space Ghost episode).

4) The character of Delirium in Sandman is given a demon at one point to help her find her missing dog, Barnabas. For whatever reason, the demon turns into a fish (I can’t remember if he does this or if she turns him into a fish) on a leash. She then proudly proclaims “I am following my fish.”

So there it is. Mostly, I, too, am following my fish. Which is either a major part of my existence or something nonsensical. Mostly, I think it’s a little bit of each of those. 🙂


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