"Fourteen Inch Boys Save the World"


If I ever start a band, that’s what I’m calling it. It’s also the End of the Work Week Wisdom today, but that requires a story. Hurrah for story time! 🙂

A while ago, we must have seen an ad for a Stephen King movie or book (or possibly were watching “Stand By Me”), and I commented on the fact that all Stephen King books are about four teenaged boys, one of whom is invariably a writer, who encounter weird stuff and then save the world. This may also have been shortly after I watched “Dreamcatcher,” which Jerome loves and I hated.

And yes, I know that this formula does not apply to all Stephen King books. Occasionally he changes things up a bit. But there are a lot of his books that deal with a tight knit group of teenagers or older children, one of whom is ALWAYS a writer, and usually who are outcast from the rest of the world (geeks or nerds or what have you).

Well, last night we saw a commercial that was a quasi-spoof of Misery, and Jerome commented on it being a freaky movie. I haven’t seen the whole movie, but I have read the book, and I agree: freaky. However, he then said “Four teenaged boys save the world.”

However, my right ear is known to do strange things, like not hear correctly. What I heard was “Fourteen inch boys save the world.” I was, understandably, rather confused, until he repeated himself. Nonetheless, Best. Band Name. EVAR! 🙂

And that’s your End of the Work Week Wisdom story time. 🙂


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