Movies, and more mocking of Stephen King novels


We watched “1408” last night, and though I got a bit bored with it towards the end (and absorbed with doing stuff on my laptop), Jerome really liked it. Of course, however, since it’s based on a Stephen King story, we had to mock Stephen King a bit more. So here is the list of ways you can tell it’s a Stephen King movie:

1) Four teenaged boys save the world. (Or fourteen inch boys save the world.)
2) The place is located on an ancient Indian burial ground.
3) The evil force is an alien/group of aliens.
4) Strange things happen to household pets.
5) The main character is a writer, who is also an ex-smoker (but the temptation to start again is always there), and/or ex-alcoholic (but the temptation to start again is always there), and/or is probably estranged from his wife (but the temptation… oh, wait, never mind).
6) It’s set in a small town in Maine, where everyone talks funny.

I think that comes pretty close to covering the majority of his books and stories. There are a few exceptions, of course. I’m pretty sure that the only part of these covered by The Stand is that a couple of the characters come from a small town in Maine. And four adult men save the world. And the Dark Tower series (which I haven’t read in a long time, nor all the way through) probably doesn’t fit the pattern. But those 6 elements come up in at least 90% of Stephen King’s writing.

Oh, and I forgot the last one!

7) The movie has absolutely nothing to do with the book/story it’s “based” on.
(See Trucks (Maximum Overdrive), The Lawnmower Man, or Children of the Corn.)

Yeah… πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Movies, and more mocking of Stephen King novels

  1. We recently watched “1408” as well and found it a bit too creepy. I am sometimes a bit turned off by movies that tug at my heart strings by involving a tragic story of a kid. That’s just me though. I try to stay away from knowing who writes what, who directs what, etc. so that I can be somewhat surprised in the end. I ultimately did enjoy “1408”, but I think that’s more because I really just enjoy watching John Cusack.

  2. John Cusack was super awesome in it, but then again, I’ve never seen a bad movie that he was in. He is one of my favorite actors. πŸ™‚And it did have its creepy moments, definitely, especially with that little girl. I was pleased, however, that it didn’t make me jump as much as most horror movies do. It only got me a couple of times. πŸ™‚

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