Here is a recap


Here is my very quick recap of the weekend and today:

Saturday: Errands, sewing chatting sewing chatting sewing, collapse.
Sunday: Icky boring stuff (taxes and other things I have been putting off), putting tags on things, collapse.
Monday: Work work work, lunch, long walk, work work work.

The collapse portion of today is coming along any minute now. Mostly, I’m waiting for Jerome to get home for work, so I can cajole him into cooking tonight, and then I will collapse.

I honestly don’t even have much to talk about in terms of accomplishing, or at least not anything I can show off. I am glad that my business taxes ended up being mostly painless, and if I can stop buying supplies so that I make a profit this year, they’ll be painless next year too! 🙂

The sewing and chatting on Saturday was awesome fun, as EtsyRain events always are. We made a whole lot of swag bags (59), and my cheese spread was a big hit. (And in exciting news, I found the bacon cheese at Fred Meyer last night! I can now make the OFFICIAL recipe from my mom. Sorry to the vegetarians, though I do suspect it’s just bacon flavoring… probably not real bacon.) But the after effect is that I don’t even want to look at my sewing machine or fabric–I am great at production sewing, but I need a serious break afterwards!


3 thoughts on “Here is a recap

  1. I’m thinking I either need to post the recipe here (everyone seemed to love it) or hoard said recipe and just make everyone plan events with food. 🙂 It is tasty, though, which is probably why my mom has been making it for as long as I can remember! 🙂

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