And another week begins…


I had a pretty good weekend, even if Saturday was very tiring. The Punk Rock Flea Market went super well, and I actually sold more at this one than I did before Christmas! I also talked to at least a couple of people about custom work, so hopefully that will come through. πŸ™‚ Need to work on how to better display the Decapitated Dollies, but I think between Jerome and I, we came up with a plan.

I think the main reason why Saturday was so tiring is because I was SO cold all day. Funny thing was that when we went outside to go home, I think it was warmer outside than it had been at my table all day!

Sunday I ended up staying at home and vegging (and crocheting) after a quick trip out to Ballard, where almost everything was closed. Silly Easter… I wanted more yarn!

Busy at work again, with one project theoretically taking up my whole week. It’s interesting stuff, though, so that is good. πŸ™‚ Still no real definite word on when I’m traveling next, but I’ve already got people scheduling my time for next month, so that gets interesting…

And tomorrow is my birthday… yippie! Jerome works late on Tuesdays, so we are making cupcakes tonight so I can have those for breakfast tomorrow, and I’ll probably make penne aribiatta (which I can’t spell) for dinner, since I like it and he doesn’t. (He eats dinner at work on Tuesdays.) And I suspect there will be cupcakes at work, though I have to pretend to be surprised if there are. πŸ™‚


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