Still busy. So I’m planning out my Saturday, which will be my free day. I have decided. 🙂

I need to get a new black printer cartridge, so that will probably be my first stop. I also need to run by the bank, so that’s stop 2. And I have a gift card from Jo Ann’s burning a hole in my wallet, so that’s stop 3. The rest of the day will then probably be spent playing with whatever new stuff I bought at Jo Ann’s. 🙂

And yeah, I know a lot of that is errand running and not necessarily the sort of stuff which might qualify as fun. But seriously, this week I’ve been getting up in the morning, going to work (which occasionally means trips to the library), coming home in the afternoon, working on more stuff, and going to bed. The only excursion outside of that has been to go grocery shopping on Sunday night. So running errands might not be fun, but it’ll be out of my apartment and office, which makes it fun for me. Plus, the weather is supposed to be GORGEOUS on Saturday. Yay! 🙂


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