Not sure if it’s the running around in the rain or the office cold that’s catching up with me, but either way, ugh. I wish I was home and sleeping, but none of that for me. 😦

My End of the Work Week Wisdom comes from a quote I’ve had hanging near my work desk for years now. But as I’m getting ready to move to my new office (still probably a few weeks away), I’m not sure if I’ll have anywhere to put it up. So here it is…

“Probably the United States Senate of to-day is a more moral body than the Senate of Daniel Webster’s and Henry Clay’s time. But the bright sunlight of publicity is a good deal more glaring now than it was then, and contemporaneous Senatorial sinners run risks unknown to their naughty predecessors.”
from the New York Sun, reprinted in the Racine Journal, April 7, 1880

“Naughty predecessors” just makes me giggle. 🙂


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