Another thrilling day of research


But at least now the end is in sight. I go back in the morning to finish up, and then I’m on my way home! Whee! 🙂

As always, I’m overbooked once I get home. Friday night will be Iron Man. Saturday will be me catching up on all the things I didn’t get done while I was out of town (bank, printer cartridge, laundry) and going to dinner and bowling with one of Jerome’s co-workers and his wife. And then Sunday, I’m doing I Heart Rummage.

After that, it only gets crazier. I’ve got another freelance project which should be getting to me this weekend. So I’ll be frantically working on that at the same time that I’m trying to make more stuff for the EtsyRain/PSIA show on May 10th. I’m beginning to think that perhaps I won’t really be making too much more for that show, but rather just taking what I have. That way, I’ve got a better chance of selling it all, right? 🙂 (This is all a great plan unless I sell a ton at I Heart Rummage. If that happens (and I won’t cry if it does), I will be a madwoman for the next week.)

Add to this the possibility of a fun little commissioned project, and you’ve got the makings of one very busy Scary White Girl. Oh, hah, and I just realized I’ve gotta plan stuff for my Exalted game on the 17th. Good gravy, am I overbooked…


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