Purple hair and Value Village


For those who haven’t wandered over to my Flickr to see the purple hair picture, here ’tis. (Click to see it full size in all of its purple glory. Also, the background is amusing, because there’s a giant Decapitated Dollie above me.)

Purple hair!

It’s dulled down a little over the past couple of days, but it’s still purple. If anyone at work says it’s a bit much, I will just tell them that it didn’t come out the color I anticipated, and that it will fade pretty quickly over the next month or so. I suppose I can also start washing it twice a day if necessary.

Today was spent thrift store shopping, which means that I’ve finally been to Value Village. Yes, I went for a whole year in Seattle without finding this store. I have now seen the light. Between the amazing sales at Goodwill today and the trip to Value Village, I walked away with a LOT of new stuff for less than $25. Not bad at all.

Back to work tomorrow, though I’ll actually be in the office the rest of the week. Which is good, because I don’t even know how much I need to catch up on. If my work E-mail is any indication, the answer is “plenty.”

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