The newest line for my Etsy shop!


I made myself an apron to use at shows a while back, and I’ve discovered that it’s really handy. I can have my change, my receipt book, a pen, my cell phone, and anything else I might want close at hand all in my apron. What’s even better is that the apron itself is upcycled from an old pair of jean shorts!

After making some modifications to my original prototype, I’ve got upcycled aprons in my Etsy shop now! These are constructed from old jeans or jean shorts, embellished with upcycled dress shirts and a little bit of trim that I have on hand. This is a lot of fun, and surprising to see what I can come up with out of my own clothes that either no longer fits or isn’t quite my style any more. (And so little of what I own is IN style, that it makes better sense to convert these items than donate them.)

There will definitely be more to come, including some in children’s sizes (made just from shirts, thus far). I spent most of Sunday working on the first batch, and I’ve got more stuff on hand to make additional ones! 🙂


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