Movie review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


So yeah, it took us a little while to get around to seeing the newest Indiana Jones movie, but we finally saw it last night. I think we prefer going to the movies on a Wednesday or Thursday night, because the crowds are never bad on those nights.

As for the movie, I had heard several people say that it wasn’t your standard Indy movie–that it’s a different era, and a different Indy. And that’s certainly true. Harrison Ford is getting up there in years, and I have a sneaking suspicion that this was his last appearance as Indy. This Indy seemed really tired, like he really would rather have just stayed in the classroom, rather than heading out to South America.

There’s also some general weirdness–a heavily magnetized box (which occasionally seems to be magnetically attracted only to things that make for good sight gags), crazy Capoeira using natives, and the whole plot in general is pretty darn weird. However, I LOVED the weird plot. If you know anything about the crystal skulls, you probably can see where this one is going from a mile away. And yes, it goes directly there.

Oh, and yeah, the Shia Pet. That was amusing. At least they haven’t let him put the hat on… yet.

The movie also brings us our End of the Work Week Wisdom for this week…

“I got a bad feeling about this.”
Han Solo … I mean Indiana Jones. Whatever. 😉

Yeah, it went there too. Gotta love stealing a line from another one of your characters in a totally different genre. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Movie review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

  1. This was the first movie that I had seen in ages… and I was a bit disappointed. I was mildly entertained through the whole thing… until the UFO and that just made me mad. Not because I have anything against UFOs and scifi… but it didn’t belong with Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones is supposed to be action and adventure… I would have been much happier had they left a little more to the imagination and not made it so black and white. It was worth watching, but I left the theater very disappointed.

  2. I’m an Indy kid at heart so of course had to see it right away. And despite all it’s flaws I loved it like you love family. Saw it two weekends in a row actually -Good ol fun movie times =)

  3. Kayce: Yeah, I think they could have gotten away without showing the liftoff so clearly. It reminded me very much of the end of X-Files (from the point the temple started to disintegrate to the end), but I’m an X-Files girl, so I liked it more than I should have. 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Thor and I finally saw it last night (gotta love the $5 club) and I hated it. It was all nostalgia in the wrong kinds of ways, like ripping off your own quotes and way too much suspension of disbelief. Sure, you can survive a nuclear blast in a lead lined fridge that tosses you for miles and everybody can survive a trip down three waterfalls, right?Nope, not on my see it again list….

  5. Yeah, I would tend to agree that the survival of totally bizarre occurrences was a LOT on the ricockulous side in this movie. But I can’t help it… loved it anyway, and know we’re going to buy it.My theory is that it would have had to have been VERY bad to be the worst of the quadrology. It’s the 2nd worst, as nothing tops Temple of Doooooooom. 🙂

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