Hello from D.C.!


Okay, so technically it’s Alexandria, but whatever. 🙂 It’s close enough. 🙂

The bed is massive!

And my room has a GIANT bed! Little ole me feels kinda lost in it, but I’ll survive. 🙂 No exciting views out my window, though. I can see some highways. 🙂

The humidity, though, is gonna kick my butt. As soon as we stepped foot out of the airport yesterday, I remembered one of the many reasons we moved away from southern Illinois, which has similar humidity. Living in a swamp SUCKS!


4 thoughts on “Hello from D.C.!

  1. One of my best friends lives in Alexandria. There’s a really good Mexican restaurant called Austin Grill or something similar in the Old Town part of the city.Also, yes, let’s meet up for trading Rockstar paper. I think I can part with the gold skull/crossbones pretty easily. Maybe for the deep blue with the white fuzzy flower at the end? We can figure it out 🙂

  2. All I remember from visiting DC as a child (it was around the same time of year) was the humidity. It was nasty and I haven’t really had a desire to go back. I have since then, but that one memory still sticks.Hope you still enjoy your visit though!

  3. Hi Dawn, hope you are able to have a little fun in DC. I loved it and had a few fun adventures while I was there. I ran in the DC marathon( we needed to cross the street and the quickest way was to go up two blocks and run with the crowd, moving across the street as we ran, landing exactly at the museum, saw the museum in a record 2 hours, the train broke down on the way back to the hotel to catch our flight which we made by the hair of our chiny chin chin. I can not wait to go back. 🙂 Have a safe trip.Sherrie

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