Stuff and things


1) So Pineapple Express is seriously funny, but has no redeeming qualities aside from that. And yeah, totally NOT something to take the kids to, because there’s a lot of violence and they wouldn’t understand pretty much any of the humor. To get it, you either need to have smoked weed, or known people who smoked weed. 🙂

2) We’re getting seriously addicted to the new “Doctor Who” series. We’ve watched all of season 1, and now are into season 2. And I don’t care what anyone else says, Christopher Eccleston is my favorite Doctor. 🙂

3) So yeah, I’m slightly swamped with craft stuff. It’s a good thing, cuz it gives me plenty to work on, but wow… everything just hit at once with people wanting to buy stuff. 🙂 I shouldn’t complain, at all. 🙂


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