The rain came back! :)


So after sweating through Saturday (and then going to see Tropic Thunder mainly because it would get us out of the apartment for a few hours… though it was thoroughly hilarious as well…), Sunday wasn’t too bad. Last night, we watched some SERIOUS lightning off in the distance, but we couldn’t tell for certain if it was heat lightning or storms.

It’s much cooler today, and with that comes the gray skies and rain that is far more typical. As much as I love the big blue sky, the gray skies are nice, because they mean it won’t be way over 80 degrees outside! Of course, silly me neglected to wear a jacket to work this morning, enjoying the mid-60s temperatures. Now it’s kind of cold and rainy out. 🙂

My work plans for this week are all kinds of in the air right now, but it looks like I’m returning to my second home during the later part of the week. Hurrah for my hour-each-way commute time returning! I get so much crocheting done on that route! 🙂


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