And it’s Monday.


Yeah, it feels like a Monday, too. And I’m particularly annoyed because it’s Columbus Day, which means no mail and no banks open. Pain in the butt, if you ask me.

Had an almost entirely lovely weekend. I went out on Friday to Plush You! with Shea (who has one of the coolest shop names ever!!), and then we went and had a drink, and then got some dinner. Great time!

Now I don’t know if it’s that I’m getting old or who knows what, but I was MISERABLE on Saturday morning. I had a beer after work (yay beer thirty!) and a cider at the bar, which is NOT much alcohol at all, but I felt like I had a ridiculously bad hangover on Saturday. More ridiculous than some of the hangovers had by drinking too much Boone’s Farm, or Karac-strength amaretto sours, or anything else dumb that I did. (Not quite as bad as the nastiness after the last party EVER, which is the only time I’ve gotten sick from drinking.) But no rest for the wicked, as I had stuff to get done. I managed to get almost all of it done, and didn’t get sick. I finally bought some Sprite, and that managed to settle my stomach down, which was good.

Game Saturday was great, and I love the looks of panic on the faces of players when you give them a prophecy and then the prophecy comes true. It’s like they knew it was coming, but they weren’t quite ready for it yet… 🙂

And then Sunday was our big EtsyRain show at Saint Edward State Park, which went very well. I didn’t hand out many business cards, but I had a decent amount of sales, and a lot of lookers. Maybe my shop name is just so awesomely memorable that they’ll all come shop online instead. 🙂

So yeah, I’m off to the archives for the rest of this week, and maybe some of next week. Got quite a bit to do, as I’m working on 3 projects there, so it may be a while before I see my oh-so-cozy office again. I’m sure my office-mate will be happy to have the place to herself for a while. 🙂


3 thoughts on “And it’s Monday.

  1. Dude, me too. 2 packages that require me to actually go to the counter. and one is already late. Blergh.Dawn – my theory about the hangover is exactly because we probably don’t drink as much as we used to, our alcohol tolerance is way way down. Next time make sure you drink as much water as alcoholic beverage before you go to bed and you should be fine.It is sad, though. I think it’s an unfortunate consequence of being in one’s 30s 😦

  2. Luckily, my package doesn’t have to go to the counter, but the doors were LOCKED to the lobby of the downtown post office. So I couldn’t use the APC!And Anandi, the tip about water is a good one. My brother (younger, but started drinking at a young age) also swore by taking a multi-vitamin before going to sleep, under the theory that when the alcohol makes you pee a lot, your body was losing a lot of vitamins. I forgot about his smart plan, however.

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