I think it’s just about time for me to start saying no if anyone else contacts me about custom stuff before Christmas. I’ve got someone who wants a couple of pairs of armwarmers to give as gifts, and I said I could do it. But I still need to stock up on more pairs for I Heart Rummage as well! And I sold another Dalek, which means I need to make more of those. For those, though, I have to order more dollhouse parts from eBay first. 🙂 (Which means, by the way, that I’ve sold/traded 5 Daleks now. w00t!)

If only I knew where there was a JoAnn’s or other craft shop nearby, I’d be set. Go buy more yarn and start making armwarmers in my downtime between work and dinner and dinner and bedtime. And hell, even a bit in the morning. Right now, though I’m already anticipating that I won’t be putting down my crochet hook much for the week after I get home!


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