I had a fabulous weekend, and getting up this morning to go to work was not high on my list of things I wanted to do, but here I am. 🙂

Friday night we went on a walk after dinner, and found a neat little trail that runs along the back side of the zoo. There was a stinky elephant part of the trail, and the only animal we could see was something that had its rear end turned towards us, but it was still nice. It’s funny that I’ve lived in my apartment almost 2 years now, and didn’t even know what Woodland Park looked like. I’ve only ever been to the zoo. 🙂

Saturday was Exalted, and I have officially made a much more effective character than I had previously. YAY! 🙂 But the other players still gave me a hard time about my character being WAY too high concept for this game, because her Motivation wasn’t applicable. 🙂

Sunday was the first real session of Dragon Lines, and we had a wonderfully fabulous time. Because I have made the decision that I will not run away from plot, no matter how much I know that the plot will suck for my character, I ended up in all kinds of fun situations. (“No, I have a totally horrible plan. It’ll be AWESOME!”) And I also discovered that there’s no use in trying to keep secrets from my character’s family, because two of her cousins are totally spies. 🙂 But I totally squicked out several of the players, and had much Fan Mail thrown in my direction. I call that a win! 🙂

We’ve got a fairly tame week ahead of us, though Jeremy is trying to finish up a story by Thursday night, and I really need to manage to get some crocheting done this week. I normally crochet during Exalted, and get quite a bit done. I had all my yarn and was ready to go, and then discovered that I left the notebook that I write down my patterns in at home. Sadly, I do not have my patterns memorized, which meant that I couldn’t work on any of the projects I had with me. *sigh*


2 thoughts on “Monday

  1. It’s odd, because I have made so many of the things I was working on! I was pretty disappointed, too, because I had at least 4 projects I could have finished. 😦

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