Ah, Kansas…


With the super melty humidity. Really, thus far the temperatures haven’t been too bad, but the humidity is killer.

So one week (and a day) in the cave are done, with only four more days to go. Work is progressing smoothly, which is good. I spent the weekend at my sister’s house, and my mom came out for the weekend as well, so we had a lot of fun. Now I’m just trying to figure out how to get all of the stuff I bought back to Seattle. I think I may need to buy another bag and check my dirty laundry or something. 🙂

I’ve been getting a bit of crocheting done, too, making some new armwarmers in some super awesome color combinations. I’m struggling a little bit, though, because I really haven’t had much time to devote to my Etsy shops lately, and it definitely shows. Being out of town (and having the shops closed since I’m gone for 2 full weeks) doesn’t help matters any. It is discouraging, though, realizing that even when I was not really working too hard at my shops, I was still making a lot more stuff, listing more regularly, and the shops (well, mostly ScaryWhiteGirl Designs) were doing okay. The less time I have to put into them, the worse they tend to do. And me and free time are totally not friends right now. 🙂

This may only be a temporary lapse in my faith in my shop doing well. I certainly am still enjoying what crafting time I do have–I even made Peter a new blanket this weekend, and he would have gotten a new pillow, too, if I hadn’t bent the needle on my sister’s sewing machine. (She is not a serious enough crafter to keep spare needles on hand… for shame!) I think, though, that I am looking at the priorities in my life, and crafting as a business does seem to be falling by the wayside. I need to evaluate if that’s where I want it to go, or if I want to try to refocus my energies on it.

I’m curious to hear from others who have gone through the same or similar things… have you decided to scale back your businesses, or have you found a way to recharge your interest?


2 thoughts on “Ah, Kansas…

  1. Hey Dawn – I know what you mean. I'm sort of at a weird point where my shop just exploded – 100+ sales in one month, which is insanity. But I still have a job, and BabyX coming soon, so I'm trying to figure out what to do. I barely have time to make *new* stuff, otoh, it's nice that the stuff I'm making is already paid for 😀

    I think you have to sit down and figure out what your priorities are overall: friends, family, the man, work, etc and carve out time as needed for your shops. Maybe scale back to one shop? Having more than one def. complicates things to keep track of, IMO.

    In the early part of the year, I stopped working on custom metal stamping because of the chemicals and my paranoia about BabyX's first trimester. I left my shop open but inactivated all the custom stuff and of course, my sales went way down, but I did still sell some other things and it wasn't too difficult to keep on top of those orders.

    So it's not an either/or thing – you can just let your shop “slide” for a while, right and see how you feel?

  2. Crafting is the one thing that I do for myself… and it is always the first thing to go when I don't have time (next to housework :)). But I try to always get back to it. I've finally come to the point where I realize I need to do something for myself. Crafting is flexible so it works nicely around all the craziness in my life. The stores… well, I'm still working on finding time for those. Crafting as much as I do, I need some way to get them out of the house or they just build up 🙂

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