I slack, therefore I am


Actually, I can blame my lack of posts on my lack of actually being in my office. πŸ™‚ I’ve had a bunch of vacation recently, with more to come soon!

We spent the first weekend of October (including Friday and Monday) in Portland for the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival. This was mainly something that Jeremy wanted to do, but I ended up having a blast as well. I made a pair of Cthulhu bun covers and wore them on Saturday, and within 5 minutes of finding seats for the first movie block, I was handing out business cards. Now I just have to finish making the pairs for my shop, so the people who I gave cards to will have something to buy from me. πŸ™‚

Tuesday I worked half a day and took the afternoon off, and Wednesday I went in late so I could take one of our cats to the vet. She was having some digestive problems on Monday when we got back, and as she is a rather elderly cat (Jeremy thinks she’s 14. She might not be quite that old.) we thought she should see the vet. She’s doing much better now, and we’re awaiting test results to see if she has any ongoing issues that we should be taking care of. So I finally worked a full day today, just in time to leave for another vacation. πŸ™‚

We’re off to St. Louis tomorrow for a long weekend, so that we can attend a Grant lecture in honor of my former boss, see all of my siblings and other family members, and see my friends from Carbondale. Jeremy is only mildly terrified of the fact that he’ll be meeting my whole family and my best friends from “back home.” I keep telling him he’ll be just fine. I don’t think he’ll be convinced until we’re there, or possibly not till we come home on Monday.

At least after that things will be mostly back to normal… oh, except for heading back to KC for a week. Yup, that’s my life… I have this office, and I never see it. *sigh*


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