Here, There, and Everywhere


We’re gearing up for a month FILLED with travel, which produces all sorts of thrilling complications. Most of the complications are things I’ve already taken care of: we have our accommodations and transportation booked well in advance of the trips. But we’ve got to line up a cat sitter for 3 weekends in March and one in April. And today we had to sort out Jeremy’s vacation for pretty much the entire year to make sure that he will have enough to get through November. Suffice it to say, we will NOT be traveling this December, because we’ll both be scraping the bottom of the vacation barrel by the time we go to ACNW.

Of course, only one of these trips is a work related trip for me, as I’ll be attending a conference in Portland. Not my typical work trip, and Jeremy gets to join me for the end of it. 🙂 All the rest is fun travel, and the last trip isn’t even out of Seattle, but we’re staying at a hotel rather than dealing with driving in every day and parking near the airport. Both are nightmares.

This is certain to throw off all of my regularly scheduled everything–crafting, writing, blogging, and more. But hopefully all of the fun stuff will outweigh the chaos that it causes. 🙂


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