And now it’s April!


And April Fools Day at that. I don’t really do April Fools Day, so there will be no major announcements, fake or otherwise, here today. 🙂

Flipping the calendar to a new month is always nice. On my calendar at work, I use color coded post-it notes to designate when I’m traveling, with the color coding corresponding to why I’m traveling. March was a wash of color. April is stark white. 🙂 So I’ve penciled in social activities, and it all looks very reasonable. YAY! 🙂

In other news, I just noticed that the tree outside of my office window is beginning to bud. If my iPhone camera were a bit more awesome, perhaps I’d start taking photos of it daily, and then figure out how to make a slide show of the leaves appearing. Wait, what am I saying?! I am already too busy. I will not make additional plans.

That needs to be my mantra this month. Too busy, no more plans. At least until I’m sure I can get through the projects already on my plate. I’ll report back on how that’s going… 🙂


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