What are you listening to?


I spend my time at work listening to my iPod most of the time I spend much of my time in the car listening to Jack FM. In both cases, this means it’s all older music. I’ve stumbled across some newer stuff via Pandora or my friends, but I feel like I’m not really keeping up with new music anymore.

And the really aggravating thing is that, aside from switching radio stations, I’m not even sure how to find new music any more! How do you do it? Social media? (I have friends with some crazy taste in music…) Randomly buying tracks off of the iTunes store? (Seems like a waste of money, sadly…)

I’m not even sure that I want to find new music to listen to, which may be a sign of me getting old. Much like my mom listened to her favorites (and rarely did they release new music), I have my favorites and I like them. I listen to some new stuff (especially the pop that the hubbie is so fond of) and just grumble a lot.

I have found a few new good things, though. I am totally obsessed with “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People, because its super catchy. I find that I like Adele’s voice a lot. And I’ve been listening to a bit of Metric and Arcade Fire because they popped up on my Pandora station and caught my attention. Oh, and I LOVE Florence+The Machine. But beyond that, I’m just kinda wondering about music, but not having a good way to really pursue my interest.


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