Back to normal!


Jeremy’s surgery and recovery has gone swimmingly well. There have been a few little difficulties here and there, but nothing insurmountable. So we’re both back to work in our respective offices today, armed with a list of physical therapy appointments a mile long. This mainly affects me in that for the time being, I’m the only one in our household driving. So I’ve shifted my work schedule a smidgen to be able to come in late some days and leave early on other days to drive him to his appointments.

One thing this whole process has convinced me? It’s gonna be a while before I think about getting back on skates. I stopped reffing for adults about a year ago. I stopped reffing for junior derby a few months back. I’m only doing non-skating officiating now, and I haven’t even been to the rink for fun. Ultimately, I stopped because it seemed like skating hurt every time I tried, and also because I was enjoying NSOing a lot. I also am paranoid of getting hurt, and Jeremy’s surgery has just reinforced that in my head. And while I’m fully aware that I could suffer a similar injury without having skates on my feet, I figure it’s best not to tempt fate.

Still hanging on to my skates for a while longer, just in case I change my mind. But the odds of that keep decreasing…

Vintage Roller Derby Skates from Sit and Sing Vintage


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